Cache Valley Post-Mormons


If you've left the LDS Church, are considering leaving or just no longer believe, please know that you're not alone. According to some credible estimates, approximately 100,000 people resign from the LDS Church each year. There are even more who no longer believe but never bother with resigning. If you fall into either category then we encourage you to come out and join us sometime. Or if you've never been LDS and would simply like to meet other people in Cache Valley who are not LDS, we'd like to meet you too.



Local Chapter Meetings


The Cache Valley Chapter meets every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. at The Beehive Grill at 255 South Main Street in Logan, Utah. When you arrive at the restaurant ask the matre d' for the Post-Mormon group and they'll be happy to show you where we are. For more information contact:


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