Calgary Post-Mormons


The mission of the Calgary Chapter is to provide a safe environment to facilitate and support the growth and development of those who have left or are considering leaving the LDS faith.


We look forward to meeting you and will be organizing events in the near future. Don't be shy!



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Calgary meet and greet

Posted by Matter Unorganized on January 07, 2013
Hey everyone, we're having a get-together! Click on "FULL TEXT" for map.
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Get together!

Posted by Matter Unorganized on October 11, 2012

I know this is VERY short notice, but a get together is happening this Friday, October 12, at Brewster's Pub Crowfoot location at about 9 PM. Featured guest is Jean Bodie, a very prominent Edmonton ex-mo. 


Click on "full text" below for a map.




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