Calgary Post-Mormons


The mission of the Calgary Chapter is to provide a safe environment to facilitate and support the growth and development of those who have left or are considering leaving the LDS faith.


We look forward to meeting you and will be organizing events in the near future. Don't be shy!



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Calgary Weekly meetup!

Posted by Matter Unorganized on December 02, 2014
Every Sunday morning at 10:30 am at the IKEA in Deerfoot Meadows we will be having a meet-up. Breakfast for a buck and plenty of room!
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Stampede Get Together!

Posted by Matter Unorganized on July 11, 2014
In celebration of Land Northward's resignation, he is hosting a Stampede get-together at his residence tomorrow night! Saturday, 12 July at 7PM. Please bring drinks and a snack. PM me for details.
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