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PoMo Scotland: "Deplore what is to be deplored and learn from the rest"

Scotland has some of the longest continuous LDS congregations in the world and has some 20 000 LDS on membership records. Activity rates are optimistically around 20% in 5 stakes. However, the LDS church is mostly converts from the 1950/60s and their children and grandchildren. While convert retention has always been an issue there is now an issue of retention of temple endowed long term members.

Active members, inactive members, disfellowshipped, excommunicated and other interested parties are all welcome to discuss and attend any social events. We all have a shared heritage and history regardless of how we perceive of, or are perceived by the official LDS church. We respect all opinions but have no need to be constantly positive or negative.

We are not seeking to be antagonistic to our families, friends or loved one but we feel the need to associate "according to the dictates of our conscience". Reflection and self development requires uncomfortable questions to be asked and we hope to provide a place for well as somewhere to laugh about ourselves when necessary.


We support all people in making informed choices in their life and dont purport to have all or even any of the answers.



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