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Our Mission

This group is designed for those in Middle Tennessee (Nashville and surrounding areas) who have left Mormonism, had a faith transition or is suffering from a faith crises in the LDS Mormon Church.
On Facebook, we gather under the alias "Mormon Cultured Friiends of Middle Tennessee".  To be "cultured" means to be educated, refined, polished, and accomplished. We feel we have accomplished this phase in our life and it's time to move onto our next life journey. Doing so alone though, can be a great struggle.
We do not follow Mormon orthodoxy and some of us do not attend any church for that matter.  We seek those in search of friendly fellowship, comrodery, and a non-judgmental community for those who wish to build in-person relationships after Mormon Transitions.
As a post-Mormon group, our mission is not to bring anyone out of the LDS Church, but rather create a community of friends who share a background in Mormonism.  We strive to meet regularly, to share one another's company, and build relationships on our own terms with our own personal beliefs.
All are welcome, please help us grow this community and build relationships that will ultimately help those struggling with the pain involved with a transition out of The Church.
If you are struggling or have transitioned out, you are not alone. There is absolute happiness and spiritual peace outside the LDS Church and as we build and discover these new identities, that joy only grows.



Posted by Jeff Nelson on April 12, 2015


does the D.C. group still meet monthly? I only see things from 2011.


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