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Southern Utah PostMormon Lecture Series February 7th, 2016- Joe Rawlins

The Southern Utah PostMormon Association has  another great lecture lined up first Sunday in February at 2 pm at the Red Lion Hotel, 850 South Bluff Street.  We will be welcoming a guest speaker from northern Utah (Lehi):


Joe Rawlins is the ex-Mormon author of The Korihor Argument: A Missionary’s Journey Out of Mormonism. Rawlins grew up in Mesa, AZ as a devout Mormon and confronted his faith in Mormonism and in God while serving as a missionary in Perú.

Now an atheist and humanist, Rawlins writes and lectures on finding self-driven purpose, leaving religion and creating enduring inter-faith families. He has committed to donate a portion of the sale of each copy of The Korihor Argument to help children of Peru, where he served as a Mormon missionary in 1999-2001.


Joe has so many topics that sound interesting it was hard to decide what he should prepare for our group, so we left it up to him.


Joe is famous for secretly recording his own excommunication proceedings:



Posted by skeptic on January 30, 2016


By Jeff Ricks
on 02/01/2012

Thanks for the heads up! This is good news!
Makes me smile. grin <———- see?


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