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Singles Karaoke Night! Sat Jan 31 10PM

One of our fellow postmos is the Karaoke DJ at Sauce Italian American Bistro 721 Mall Ring Cir, Las Vegas, Nevada 89014

The entire BOM Musical soundtrack is available!

It will be an evening of much light mindedness, loud laughter and maybe, just maybe, if we are good and very, very lucky, some unholy and impure practices!


SPECIALS: Happy hour from 10 til close! Happy hour = cheaper apps, $3 wells, $5 specialty cocktails etc. Even if you don't want to sing, come watch, eat, drink, play pool or video games! Nice space, not smokey! Good bartenders! Come out!!! Support cool peoples! smile

If you're at all hesitant about karaoke this is the place to start! If we get enough people you'll be surrounded by all friends! smile and it's big enough to escape and hide if you want later!

Posted by onendagus on January 23, 2015


By Jeff Ricks
on 02/01/2012

Thanks for the heads up! This is good news!
Makes me smile. grin <———- see?


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