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December CALM Support Meeting @ UVU

December CALM (Community After Leaving Mormonism) Support Meeting

When: December 4, 2014, 7-10p MT

Where: UVU campus, in the Liberal Arts (LA) building, room 101 (see maps below, in full text post).

This month's CALM (Community After Leaving Mormonism) Support Meeting will be held on the UVU campus, in the Liberal Arts (LA) building, room 101 (see maps below, in pinned comment post).

If you have never been to a CALM Support Meeting, it is a great way for people who are struggling with---or in the process of changing or leaving, or have already (recently) left---their faith, to get support from a community of like-minded individuals.

The meetings are more structured than our other social events to allow for a single/focused conversation to take place in a "support group" setting. The priority is to allow new people to share their stories and/or ask their questions, and have others who have been "out" for a while offer validation, comfort and ideas.

We will have refreshments after our discussion (at around 9p). If you'd like to bring something to share, please do.... but remember our policy of no alcohol at CALM meetings.

Hope to see lots of the NEW people at the meeting! It would be great to meet you and hear your story. smile


Look for Liberal Arts building "LA" on the campus map. Park in the L4 parking (free after 5p). Link to campus parking map:…/images/uvu_parking_map_20140909.jpg

We're in Room 101, in the South West corner of the first floor.
Link to map of Liberal Arts Building (select first floor):…/images/uvu_parking_map_20140909.jpg

Posted by steveholbrook on November 25, 2014


I would like to compliment you on the sincerity and honesty in your beautifully composed letter.

All good wishes.

Pennw; Thank you for your kind comments. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to review.

I haven’t yet read your letter, and may not if it is as ” big” as you indicate it is.  I see this was posted in April.  Have you presented it to your family by now, July 4 th, 2012?    If so, did you find that it was also too ” big” for them to read?
Poor Thumper

Hi Poor Thumper,

Sorry, but I didn’t write the original letter.  I just wanted to compliment Inretrospect on his letter.



The family was given the letter some time ago on both my side as well as my wife’s. It was given to them in full and complete format as it is presented here. I don’t know how much of the letter each one read, but it definitely made some “waves” within the family circle. Most took it relatively well, and even commented back with the usual expected responses. However, a few family members on my wife’s side took it pretty hard and I think are still dealing with the fall out. At the end of the day, it accomplished what I wanted which is to make my position about the church and intentions crystal clear and as transparent as possible. Anyway, thanks for your comments and I guess you can form your own opinion if you decide to read it!

Excellent letter!  I am working on my own, but feel so helpless to express my thoughts to my children.  Although I know it needs to be done. Thanks!

Isn’t it sad we have to go to such lengths to defend our personal beliefs and decisions?  I do like your letter.  In my letter to my parents I am also going to include the points about JS’s treasure-hunting trial, his translation with a stone in a hat, and the huge polygamy scandals.  However, my parents have begged me to not discuss any of this with my siblings, so my siblings can’t ever see a letter without seriously pissing off my parents.  More manipulation and brainwashing even though we’re all adults.  Did anyone get mad about you spreading your so-called “anti-mormon” points in thet letter?

I did not get the chance to read all of your letter, but what I did get the chance to read was wonderfully honest and thorough. I recently—actually yesterday—gave my parents a letter (much shorter than yours) and I am now preparing for the aftermath of my honesty as well. It’s good to hear stories from others who are going through the same thing. I hope your family accepts and loves you for your decision.

Excellent letter!!! I am currently having a hard time “breaking the news” to my family and even friends that have known me since I was a baby. I really think I will use a lot of this letter and give it to them. It really helps, Thank you!

It’s so funny. For as big a deal as the church makes that it is true and you have to find it out yourself… they are very hostile to the opposite position. Further, it takes WAY more effort to get out of the church than it does to get into it. I wonder why that is…? Only reason I can think of is the church is a trap.

By the way, your alma reference that God is a spirit? It’s not correct. You may want to update that. Was it for an older version of the Book of Mormon by any chance?


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