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March CALM Support Meeting @ UVU

CALM = Community After Leaving Mormonism 

 March 5, 2015, 7-10p MT
Where? UVU campus, Sorenson Student Center, Rm 206A (see maps in details)

What? This is a support group discussion for people who are leaving or have left the Mormon church. 

CALM Support Meeting banner

The March CALM Support meeting will be held in Room 206a in the Sorenson Center (SC) Building on the UVU Campus. The SC is located SW of the LDS Institute building, south of the parking garage.
Here's a link to the campus map (find "SC"):
Here's a link to the building map:
Being that this is on the UVU campus Brooke Swallow​ and/or Matt Poinsett will welcome us to the meeting.
Shaunalei Boyer Andersen​ will facilitate the discussion.
If you have never been to a CALM (Community After Leaving Mormonism) Meeting, it is a great way for people who are struggling with---or in the process of changing or leaving, or have already (recently) left---their faith, to get support from a community of like-minded individuals.
The meetings are more structured than our other social events to allow for a single/focused conversation to take place in a "support group" setting. The priority is to allow new people to share their stories and/or ask their questions, and have others who have been "out" for a while offer validation, comfort and ideas.
We'll break for refreshments after the discussion (at around 9p). PLEASE bring something to share.... but remember our policy of no alcohol at CALM meetings.
Hope to see lots of the NEW people at the meeting! It would be great to meet you and hear your story. smile 
[are children allowed?] Prefer not. Need to focus on conversation.
[is alcohol allowed?] No.

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