San Francisco Bay Area Post-Mormons


Open House Wednesday July 23rd, 4-11pm with special guest, Raptor Jesus

Raptor was the Dinner speaker at Exmo 2012 in SLC. Those who know him from RFM and other places can vouch for his tortured, yet witty take on his transition out. 

4:00 PM Swimming (Complete Shade at that time) 
6:00 PM Dinner Provided 
Stay till all hours, show up and leave whenever you want. We will have plenty of food/drinks already but you are welcome to bring something if you feel like it. 

Summerlin Area--between Red Rock Casino & Summerlin Hospital 

Far Hills exit off of the 215 or Anasazi exit off the 95.

Send a pm for the address or join Las Vegas Exmormon Meetup group or the private facebook group, Las Vegas, NV - Mormon Support Community.

Raptor's Kindle Book on Amazon

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