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San Diego Lunch In The Park!  April 19th

Hello All!


After a wee vacation of sorts, we are up & at it again!  Our plan is to have lunch in the park every 3rd Sunday, noon to 2 pm.  Our first lunch will be on April 19th.  This is for family & friends, young & old, bring all!


Views West Park

San Diego, CA 92129
This is a great little park with lots of shaded playground & shady areas.  Bring a chair or blanket to sit on, & your own lunch (this is NOT a potluck).  Look for the flying RED SCARF & RED UMBRELLA, probably close to the playground. There is lots of sidewalk for scooters & rollerblades.  There is a volleyball net if someone wants to bring a ball.  
This park is close to where the 56 meets the 15.  At the exit is Carl's Jr., Bad Ass Coffee, & grab a lunch & come on over.  Let's start something here!  We are looking forward to seeing old faces & meeting newbies ; o ) 

Posted by newandeverchanging on March 16, 2015



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