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New Evidence of Fire Making Skills in Early Humans

-From BBC News: "Scientists say they have new evidence that our ancestors were using fire as early as a million years ago...

The scientific team states that the sediments found in Wonderwerk Cave in the Northern Cape suggest frequent, controlled fires were lit on the site. The ability to use fire is regarded as a key step in human development because it gave us access to cooked food and new technologies. Scientists based at US, Israeli, German and South African institutions, say statements about the Northern Cape cave are far more secure. If correct, the Wonderwerk discovery would push the earliest indisputable controlled use of fire back by about 300,000 years."


Why is this applicable to the Post-Mormon Community you ask? Because this information is directly contrary to the views that many mainstream LDS members hold about the age of the earth, organic evolution and the origin of man. Just some food for thought! Do with it what you will. 

Posted by INRETROSPECT on April 05, 2012



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