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Why would God/Jesus start a church specifically to fail?
Long Timer
Joined  2012-01-27

Jesus came down, started a church, chose his leaders and committed suicide - all knowing the church would fail. Then, be restored.


Does this make sense? Any sense at all?


Why not start a church with all his leaders and actually help people by keeping it going?


What is gained by getting people tortured and killed for 'faith'?


Then centuries of murders and all kinds of evil and depraved thnigs happening as some keep claiming "this is the true church" even as their leaders murder people over and over and over again? They 'convert' people with a great choice - convert or be killed.


All so Joseph Smith can come forth in these, the Latter Days???


How does any of this make sense?


My dog has Health in the navel. marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews…

He does not, however - have power in the Priesthood.

That is reserved for the Cat.

Long Timer
Joined  2009-07-27

No dude.  It is totally dumb.  The only way it makes sense is if you are trying to create some stupidass narrative that ends up with the lds church being TRUE.


If your god, why have only one true church anyway.........especially when you consider how few people are members or who convert and actually stay.


It is utter nonsense.


If all truth comes from God and God's one true church is the LDS Church, then tons of people should be finding themselves being driven to the church..........all the truth in the world should be pointing to the church.  The lds church would not have such abysmal retention numbers. I mean I am not even going to keep going.  Literally everything about the church, except their vast wealth, is nothing more than..................




and one would think by the standard of being God's one true church, that the church is a failure.


The church is only true for those who simply need it to be true. 


You wanna leave me baby be my guest
All I’m gonna do is cry
And then I’m gonna find me someone else
And tear the stars out of the sky
You don’t need me anymore
They say storms are right for summertime
Well, baby I’m long gone
Whatcha gonna do
When you open your eyes?
It’s a brand new day and baby
No blue skies


No Blue Skies
Lloyd Cole

Long Timer
Joined  2009-07-30

My faith in the church has always been buttressed by the absolutely undeniable fact that it has found itself being dragged, kicking and screaming, half-way into the 20th century (so far).  If TSCC wasn't true, it would certainly have modified itself to please all men, not just Los Old Fogies in SLC; it would be on the cutting edge of modern, hip, with it, society and Grand Priestess Snooki would be proclaiming the f'king majesty that is Dude, and every knee would bend.

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