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Latter days Saints should put to dead the covenant breakers Discourse
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  1. Jedediah Morgan Grant was a leader and an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was member of the First Council of the Seventy from 1845 to 1854. Wikipedia


By Jedediah M grant  SLC Tabernacle march 12 , 1854





Full article.


And what kind weirdos the church today?


Faith Drug Overdose - Faith Drug Overdose effect review 2013

Joseph Smith LDS Lies | Joseph Smith LDS Lies review 2013

Joseph Smith and Fanny Alger Affair

Mormon priesthood Fraud Mormon priesthood Fraud review 2013

Book of Mormon - Bible Fraud - Book of Mormon -The Promise Land review 2013

Book of mormon fraud - Book of mormon fraud review 2013 (Book of Judith)

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I'm have give some thinking for This.


You should make the saints have no redemption if ask.  I am of idea that all Kind weirdos dwell in church Latter days saint.


yours in ernest. 


-The Pirate...(arriving 200 years too late…)

...I’m not the first, won’t be the last.  Lust for the future, treasure the past… proud.jpg

“Make sure that your moral compass is set due ‘the right thing’.”  -Emerson Cod

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So that's the reason LDS prayers aren't answered...Brother Grant cursed the process.

I’ve begun worshiping the sun for a number of reasons. First of all, unlike some other gods I could mention, I can see the sun. It’s there for me every day. And the things it brings me are quite apparent all the time: heat, light, food, a lovely day. There’s no mystery, no one asks for money, I don’t have to dress up, and there’s no boring pageantry. And interestingly enough, I have found that the prayers I offer to the sun and the prayers I formerly offered to God are all answered at about the same 50-percent rate.” George Carlin

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Boy, This is a doctrine that would really help keep members strong in the faith.


 Certainly would squelch any ideas about a post Mormon community too.  


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