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Church Authorities, Postmormons Find Common Ground
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Church Authorities, Postmormons Find Common Ground
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Church Authorities, Postmormons Find Common Ground
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Church Authorities, Postmormons Find Common Ground
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Post-mormon Roles
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The Book of Mormon Musical comes to South Carolina!
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Resignation Letter to My Family
Resignation Letter to My Family
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October 5th PostMormon Lecture Series 2014
Why I am a Better Mother
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SF Bay Area Monthly Gathering SUNDAY (5/4)
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Resignation Letter to My Family
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The Heavens have opened…thanks to the internet and google search.
Long Timer
Joined  2008-05-14

I had stopped posting on this site a few years back. Gosh it's hard to keep up with all these revelations and good news.


This list isn't complete and I'm hoping some of you wiill help me. Add to the list if you would. 


Let's begin with a rousing "Praise GOOGLE"! Amen!

Let's express our thanks to Al Gore and all those who invented the internet. 


A fraud lawsuit against the Church that's been approved and summonses sent out. People are discussing the merits of the case and the Church in it's arrogance is passing it off as "bizarre" by disaffected members.


Someone secretly taped the "Swedish Rescue" so we could hear Marlin Jensen and Richard Turley admit Joseph Smith practiced polyandry and that members are just as miffed for the Church not telling the whole truth.


John Dehlin's Mormon Stories interviews Hans and Bregitta Mattson and they're so humble and honest, the Church has yet to assassinate their character because they know they can't.


Tom Phillips shared his experience of the "Second Annointing" which I had never heard of it before being an ordinance performed now. It sure makes the Church challenging his character and honesty look silly and ridiculous to have someone of that stature and attack him now. 


All these updates revealing more about the real history of the Church. They're by no means complete as we all know. But it's bringing the issues to light beyond what we've seen in any gospel doctrine manual ever and people are talking about these issues.


People are learning that dear Joseph didn't translate the plates but had his face in a hat and that the painting of him translating by candle light is fraudulent and misleading. 


Simon Southerton has provided us with DNA evidences to show that the Lamanite DNA doesn't square with what they're finding and that the people on the North and South American continents didn't come from the middle east at all. 


Uchtdorf's talk in conference about "If the Church is so wonderful, why wouldn't anyone want to leave." and has admitted publically that "some leaders and some Mormons may have, possibly, done some things, er well, uh...mistakes which were not in keeping with the standards of the Church." Ya think?


Boyd Packer's talk about "why would the Lord create gay people" got called out such that they changed the text when the Ensign came out. 


Polygamy is now allowed but most people look at plural marriage with the 


People are leaving the Church by the ten's of thousands.


Gay marriage approved in Utah (Talk about a cold day in hell for that one) 


Post Mormon has almost 10,000 folks here. Meet up chapters are "filling the earth" for recovering Latter-day Ain'ts. 


Mormon Think is getting hundreds of thousands of hits of people questioning their faith. They even got a billboard.


The Book of Mormon, the musical is among the most successful productions in the history of Broadway and shows how ridiculous the Church is. In addition, South Park, which I rarely watch has lampooned the whole Joseph Smith story....dumb dumb dumb.


Ex-Mormon Foundations annual conference...has put their conferance speeches on youtube. I love Lyndon Lamborn, Grant Palmer and that "Lying for the Lord" speech by Ken Clark.


And as if that's not enough....Grant Palmer's book "Insider's View" arrived in the mail. Don't you love Amazon?


Hey, in all my euphoria...I know it might be asking a lot...but as a bonus...would it be unreasonable to add a few more things to my wish list? 


Now if the City Creek Mall could fold...the fraud case sticks and all of the top leadership went to jail... (I'd love to see Monson, his counsellors and the 12 in their orange jumpsuits, shackled together and paraded around Temple Square)...the Church was forced into bankruptcy and their properties sold off to pay back the victims...and they lost their tax exempt status and were required to show full disclosure on their income in the future and 3/4 of the Church members left...or is that asking too much?


Truth be told, even with all still wouldn't be enough because I'd lost out on the experience and time of getting to be a father and lost my marriage over a myth. 


Joined  2010-02-20

Hello Life Rocks! thanks for the post, I share your thoughts and many losses with family. Many years and resources have been consumed over the myth and most members refuse to look at the fallacious nature of the Corp. of the Pres. We can't get our time back but I/we want refunds!
Long Timer
Joined  2010-11-25

We never know what the future may bring. Everyday I learn more. Seems to me that the Internet is here to stay and will help take care of what needs doing.


Someone posted an analogy here, and Jeff Ricks mentioned it again, saying that truth is like a big cat. Set it free and it will take care of itself. The internet is taking care of things. It is setting truth free. Look at what's now available at the click of our mice.  



Long Timer
Joined  2009-07-27

Ordain Women scares the church into allowing women to pray in conference.

Vindicated, I am selfish, I am wrong, I am right
I swear I’m right, swear I knew it all along
And I am flawed
but I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore, you saw yourself

Dashboard Confessional

Sr. Member
Joined  2010-09-12

The church is forced into a massive re-branding including having missionaries no longer knock doors, allowing them to wear khakis and doing more service (there's simply not enoughfor all the 19-20 year old girls who signed up to do).



Long Timer
Joined  2012-11-28

Nice summary Life Rocks.  I'm sure there will be more interesting stories a comin'.

Our next project
will be announced soon.

Tax exempt status.

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