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The LDS apologist will dismiss such analysis as this one effortlessly.  It is all right there, in plain English, black and white.  Yet I am the fool for seeing it.

Posted by Nogginus Skepticalus  on  08/30  at  12:30 AM


Posted by Dutch  on  08/25  at  11:49 AM

Wow! Thank you for sharing this. The parallels are so obvious, and something I likely would never have seen on my own.

Posted by Mae  on  08/29  at  04:40 PM

I felt sick while reading this…but mostly stupid.  To think that I sat in seminary at the beginning of my day and AP American Government a few hours later at school and did not see a single parallel.  This speaks to the amazing blinders that the rhetoric of the church puts on its members.  I didn’t know until now that consciousness of prior naivete could actually induce nausea.

Posted by misskate28  on  03/10  at  03:23 AM

Many thanks for the card you gave me at the Exmo Foundation Conference. I enjoyed presenting very much and of course meeting so many wonderful people. I had actually read this article before, now I see it. It is amazing that the truth is all so obvious and yet as members, we just don’t see it. Well done for such a well researched and formulated essay. I may post an article later from which the latter part of my presentation was drawn.

Best wishes.

Jim Whitefield
(Author of The Mormon Delusion).

Posted by Jim Whitefield  on  10/23  at  12:58 PM

The quotation of Alma 48:14 seems to indicate incorrectly that “Americans” is used in the Book of Mormon.  Is this a misquote, or is there a mistake in the HTML version that makes it look like a quotation?

Posted by Faith In Meaning  on  10/24  at  08:05 PM

Cited and added to Wikipedia:

Posted by Faith In Meaning  on  10/24  at  08:54 PM

Yes, it is a typo Faith in Meaning. I gotta get Jeff to fix it!


Posted by Tom Donofrio  on  11/06  at  11:19 PM

Tom, I believe I have the quote correct now.  If not, please let me know. Thanks again for the wonderful article!

Posted by Jeff Ricks  on  05/18  at  02:34 PM

Thanks Jeff! It looks great!

Posted by Tom Donofrio  on  05/19  at  04:37 AM

Just met Tom the other day. Very nice guy.  Thanks Tom.

Posted by Lincoln  on  05/29  at  11:10 PM

Just re read this piece.  Tom’s work kills the Book of Mormon violently via unrelenting blunt force trauma strikes…  Brain matter is spattered on the walls and ceilings.

Why Mercy Owen Warren’s and well known 19th century circuit preachers’ (plagiarized) contributions to the BOM are not shouted from the rooftops is beyond me.

Posted by Nogginus Skepticalus  on  08/31  at  06:00 AM

Thanks for the endorsement Nogg!

Here’s a link to last year’s presentation.

Posted by Tom Donofrio  on  08/31  at  11:00 AM

I found this an interesting article. I am an ex-Mormon (British)who, in retirement, did a Master’s degree in History. My research involved 18th century religion and touched on its linkage to the political left-right structure which emerges from the French Revolution. One book, not directly related, which was of interest was Richard Bushman’s “From Puritan to Yankee - Social Order in Connecticut 1690 to 1765”. I don’t know if you have read it, but I think you would find it interesting. It doesn’t directly concern Mormonism. But what fascinated me was how the New England Churches had difficulty with congregational disorder as they gradually lost the influence of Bishops and clergy educated in Europe. There was no clear ‘apostolic succession’. To me this seemed to explain an underlying need in Joseph Smith’s time for religious AUTHORITY, which of course is a central theme in Mormonism.

Posted by Chris Sexton  on  02/18  at  09:26 AM

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