Billboard #7 in St. George

On Sunday, February 3rd, we officially announced our billboard in St. George, while attending the St. George chapter’s monthly meeting. The billboard went up on January 31st but we wanted to wait until the meeting to officially announce it. The day before I noticed we had a new member, by the name of “DustBowl” sign up who said they found us because of the St. George billboard. Below is a photo of the billboard.

Posted by Jeff Ricks on 02/04 at 11:27 AM


By beenthere
on 02/05/2008

Very nice! Especially above the beautiful rock. And the absence of snow makes me jealous.

By Jeff Ricks
on 02/05/2008

That picture was taken by Skeptic before the snow fell. We woke this morning (Monday) to snow in St. George! It sure looks odd to see snow on palm trees. As we drove out of town, those red rocks behind the sign were white with snow.

Very cool!! I like all the different looking people in the billboard. Neat!

That’s great!  My DH and I frequently vacation in St. George (at our timeshare) and seeing the Pipe Springs Interpretive Centre, the MM Massacre site, and the polygamous communes sent me to books that have opened my eyes to much dark history in Mormonism that I didn’t learn while growing up in Alberta’s Mormon country.

To Jeff and the rest of your team—thanks so much for setting up the St George billboard!  It will no doubt help our chapter grow.  It’s always great to meet new people.

By johdan
on 02/06/2008

Boy, would I love to see one of these signs somewhere between Raymond and Cardston - maybe the Magrath turnoff, here in Alberta Mochurch country….

Hmmmm, we could really use one in the Cache Valley area. Oh, and I am seriously considering printing out some “pass along” cards and randomly leaving them around campus at USU.

Hi tkstrong - Did you know that our very first billboard was in Cache Valley?  Got us tons of publicity.  We also have pass-along cards printed up.  PM me if you need more info.


Wow! I really didn’t know that. I have been out of the state for four years though, so I imagine that is why. As for the pass along cards, I will have to do that. I did leave the website open on a computer at the school, I wonder if anyone saw it.

I drive past it regularly on my way to work… I am actually surprised that it hasn’t been defaced by the rampant LDS community here.

Oh, and for everyone who thinks the St. George area is “beautiful”, try living here for a year, or even a summer.  After you experience the blistering heat, you’ll be looking up real estate in Oregon.

What’s up with the board?  The time is now noon, march 20th and I’ve been unable to access the communal forum for the past 2 hours.  Sorry to post this over here.

addendum… I’ve tried viewing the Forum with Firefox, Safari, and explorer to no avail.  Were we hacked?  What happened?


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