Financial Report for 2009 to Date

This report shows all the financial activity for the Post-Mormon Community, from January 1, 2009 to April 27, 2009. Please post any questions or comments. We recently had a major server upgrade, but have not yet received the invoice. It shows as funds encumbered. The $450 reimbursement expense was covered by donations specifically marked for the reimbursement expense, therefore no PostMo funds were actually used.

Posted by Jeff Ricks on 04/27 at 11:02 PM in General News


By Flat Lander
on 04/28/2009

I understand that the $450 was not actually PostMo general fund money, but I don’t know what “Book-travel” means.

By Jeff Ricks
on 04/28/2009

It’s a partial reimbursement for a speaker’s travel expenses ($200) at a PostMo chapter event, which included supplementing his book sales at the event($250). The payment and donations were run through the PostMo account because 1) chapters are part of the non-profit organization, 2) so the local donors could get a tax write off for their contribution.

Whatever the particulars might be, here’s what I love: TRANSPARENCY. Someone sees something and says, “Hey, what’s that?” And back comes an honest answer. Can you even imagine LDS, Inc. working this way?

By Flat Lander
on 05/01/2009

I agree completely, Gilgal, it’s a beautiful thing.  I only asked because I had a question.  Questions aren’t frowned on here.  They’re celebrated.

“Questions aren’t frowned on here.  They’re celebrated.”


Maybe we should start a petition/movement for the church to reveal its financial records, including salaries for apostles. You know, write letters, hold signs, interview with reporters… It’s only fair as many of us have donated thousands of dollars in tithing. I’m curious about where all that money went. I’d like to see some accountability for the past donations. We’d be doing a service for the current members too if there was any results from it. The church has no legal accountability on this, but they ought to be held morally accountable before the public, like any other church. One good rally on this would be very therapeutic, after all the tithing slips we submitted.

By davistruth
on 05/24/2009

I like your billboard project and when I’m in Utah within the next month, I plan in stopping by and hopefully meeting your group leaders.  Open accountability is a great policy.  I required this when I was a BYU Bishop back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  When the church terminated the local ward budget accounts, I made a formal complaint with President Ezra Taft Benson, a close friend.  You’re doing a great job helping truth seekers know more about how the public relations machine operates in Salt Lake City and throughout the world.

I would just like to say thanks to Jeff and the Postmo team for providing an incredibly valuable service for all of us on a showstring budget.  And, to echo Gilgal’s comments, I love full disclosure.


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