Twin Falls Billboard

On Monday, August 17th, our Twin Falls billboard was posted. In the original quote, the sign company made an error by telling us that the location we picked would be available on the 10th of August. It was found later that it’s not available until the 7th of September.

To compensate for the error, they’re giving us, free of charge, 17-18 days at location #1 shown on the map below. It will be moved to location #2 on the 7th of September and will remain up for an additional four weeks as we originally contracted with them, at the location that Hotrod and I picked when we drove to Twin Falls a couple of weeks ago to scout out locations. Total cost for this billboard project is $1,250.00. As sign projects go, this is another good deal for our PostMo Community!

Posted by Jeff Ricks on 08/18 at 06:04 PM in General News


Excellent deal, and location #2 will get a LOT of traffic!

By Flat Lander
on 08/22/2009

Beautiful.  This is wonderful news.

I’ll be anxious to start hearing from twin falls residents any day now.

Wow!  My husband and I saw this billboard on our way home from Twin Falls yesterday.  We had never heard of your organization and spent most of the evening reading exit stories.  We have been out of the Mormon religion for close to ten years now. . . and it has been a remarkable journey to expanded freedom and greater joy than we would ever have thought possible.  While we have no desire to fight against Mormonism, the idea of supporting others on a similar path appeals to us so much. We’ll be making a donation to support your cause and hope to meet up with other post-mormons soon!

By Jeff Ricks
on 08/31/2009

Glad you two found us Julie! Welcome!

Wow what a blast of fresh air when I drove by the billboard today. I have felt lonely fighting the good fight for a long time. Its great to find people with the courage to go into the belly of the beast in such a standup manner. I say enough turning the other cheek and aquiesing to the evil this cult represents.You have given people an alternitive.  anything I can do to help call me.

BrentHansen, I know a lot of Mormons and feel they are not any worse than all the other so called Christians I know.  What “belly of the beast” or “evil this cult represents” are you talking about?  It is nice to move on after being a member of Mormonism but I do not get the total bitterness you have.  I prefer to move on with joy and happiness. David

Yes I am a bit angry about all the conflict and brainwashing from the time I could first talk. I’ve seen half my family go through hell just trying to live the basic american value of freedom of religion.
I could go on but I don’t want to obsess about it any more. I’m glad you can live and let live. That has not been my experience with the Morman church.

By daxm
on 12/23/2009

This is the billboard that I saw!  I know that the costs for billboards isn’t cheap.  Thank you for taking the financial risk in putting it up.

Hope to see some in the upper snake river valley sometime.

Ha ha, is it sad that I have never lived in Twin, but that just by looking at the map I know exactly where that billboard is and know that many of my extended family members will drive past it on almost a daily basis? Hm. Wonder if I’ll see some of them here!

By Jeff Ricks
on 10/19/2011

The billboard is no longer there.  Each one remains up for 30 days.  I wish we could keep them up permanently but that would cost us way more money than we have.  We have, however, spent over $30k on billboards in the last six years.

Oh silly me didn’t look at the dates. Maybe they SAW them! Maybe there will be a new one one day.


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