Wooo Hoooo!

Today I went to our PoMo P O box and picked up the mail. There was a $100 dollar donation from one of you fine people (thank you so much for that!! MUAH!), and there was a letter from the IRS.  I showed my 18 year old daughter, who was with me at the time, the envelope from the IRS and told her that I’ve been expecting the letter but thought that it might take another month before it showed up. I told her that it’s our first rejection letter relative to our application for tax exempt status. She looked at my like, “A rejection letter?” So I explained to her that everyone gets rejected the first go around, and probably the second go around too. But lo and behold, I opened the letter and it said that the Post-Mormon Community is now a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, effective April 28th 2005! We passed first time around! I that owe to my good friend who is registered under the name “hotrod.” He was very thorough in going over the paperwork and reading up on the instructions for filling out the application. He made sure that all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed, and it paid off! Thank you so much for your help! What a bunch of wonderful people you all are! :D

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