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The Post-Mormon Scrapbook is an ongoing work in progress. Content is added to it regularly by members of the Post-Mormon Community and we expect that someday it will rival the Encyclopedia Britannica! Okay, so that might be a little optimistic but we do expect it to grow to include many useful articles and bits of information that are of interest to former Mormons...and maybe even a few Mormons who find their way here. Below is an index of its content to date.


Personal Accounts of Leaving Mormonism A link to personal accounts of why people have left Mormonism. FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about
PostMo Links  A list of links to various things of interest to post-Mormons.
An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Mormon Church   A letter that appeared on Craigslist in March of 2009. Every person who comes to this site, whether LDS, former LDS, or one who's never been a member, should read it.
Influence of Masonry on Early Mormonism A concise comparison between Mormonism's temple ceremony and the Masonic temple ceremony.
 Church Activity and Growth  An analysis of Church activity and growth. Information that the Church won't tell you.
Rough Stone Rolling

A critical examination of Richard L. Bushman’s book, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling 

 Post-Mormon Community Management Team  A list of all those help behind the scenes to keep the things running.
Sample Letters
 Samples of letters that might come in handy when dealing with your Mormon Church leaders.
Post-Mo Metamap

Map & description of stages one might go through when leaving Mormonism. Developed with PostMo members and draws upon Kubler-Ross's Grief Model

Relational Learning
A chart that shows how our beliefs affect our thinking and our our lives, and how to use our beliefs to benefit us.
Recommended Books

A list of recommended books.

Answers to Apologetic Questions

Dr. Simon Southerton's answers to apologetic responses to his book, Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church

Glossary of Terms

A glossary of terms used among former Mormons.

Mormonism-An Evolved Ethos??
Summaries of two models: Stages of Spirituality and Stages of Moral Development, with links. You decide where Mormonism resides.
Points to Ponder A list of points to ponder that may facilitate making  a common sense decision about Mormonism.
Advice for college students leaving the Church In response to some questions from a particular college student, one of our members (Skeptic) wrote this list of advice for college students who are questioning or leaving the Church. I liked it so much that I asked his permission to post it here in the Scrapbook.
The Best of The Community Forum A new and growing list of some of the best discussion in The Community discussion forum
Postmormon Book Club

Read and discuss the book o' the month with your fellow postmormons.

Old Postmormon forum  Link to the old Postmormon Forum