Enticement Control Lies Manipulation and Fear Keeping People In The LDS Church View
There is a great amount of enticement that is created through deception in the teachings of the LDS church. First it draws the people in, then the deception takes root and is holding it's members captive...

For instance, members are taught that the LDS church is the "only " true church on the face of this earth, that all the others are an abomination to the Lord.

You are taught that there is no "true" salvation outside the LDS faith

You are taught that your dead relatives can have a chance at salvation through baptism by proxy... but only into the LDS faith.

From early childhood, you are taught to get up and testify that "you know" the church is true and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God.

You are taught that the Holy Bible is not to be fully trusted and that the Book of Mormon is the only true book on the face of this earth.

You are taught that you must give your allegiance, time, money and marriage to the church or you will not go to be with the Heavenly Father.

You are taught that if you "do" all of the many things required, you can even attain godhood / godess
and rule and populate your own planet.

You are taught that the living prophet has the final say,
so that means that anything that former leaders have said or taught can be changed.

You are taught that the living prophet is more vital than the standard works.

You are taught to never question the church or it's leaders and that in doing so you may be at risk for church discipline and possible dis-fellowship and if you continue your questioning... you could even be in danger of
ex communication.

You are taught that when the church leaders speak the thinking has been done!

You are taught if anyone disagrees with the church, they are an anti-mormon and worker of satan.

You are taught that you must be sealed to your spouse and children (in the Mormon temple) in order to be together with them in the celestial  heaven.

You are taught that the "only" ones that go to hell - outer darkness, are satan and his fallen angels and anyone who has received the restored gospel of the LDS church and then denies that it is true!

You can see by these teachings... how it could appeal to one's pride and emotions (to draw them in) and yet how difficult it would be for one to leave the LDS religion.
The lure to gain everything and the fear of losing everything has been driven into the individual as a means to captivate them, to control them and to hold them hostage.

I believe they are all lies from the pit of  hell and they are keeping people away from experiencing the freedom in Christ that He died to give them and from having a true and personal relationship with the OneTrue and Living God of the Bible, The Uncreated Creator, The First and The Last, The One and Only God -  The Lord Jesus Christ.