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If you consider yourself a former Mormon, whether you've had your name removed or not, feel free to add your account of leaving to the list by following these instructions. Note: please observer the House Rules when adding any content to this website.



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 Peter Mary Walks Away  Peter Mary
The Spirit is unreliable at best
 Dear Bishop I'm Leaving  the Fold  Bill Kempton
 God holds little girls responsible  Dogzilla
 My Exit Story  Hamar
 The Lord's in the Bahamas  Jeff Ricks
 Mormon Fatigue  Free Thinker
 Twelve Years Was Enough  Crime Dog
 Mamajama Leaves the Fold  Mamajama
 Loss of Faith  Grape Nephi
 Oh Ye of Little Faith  Student
 My Awakening  MsGabbie2u
 80's teen apostate  chanson
 A Tale of Two Cities and Two Towers  Moonshine
 The Epic of Bobcat  Bobcat
 The Same Path  Bigeddy
 Crissys Entrance to REAL LIFE!  Crissy
 My Abbreviated Exit Story  Tal Bachman
 Could Not Live A Lie
 Exitous movement of Ja People  Koriwhore
 Its MY Life  unsalvaged
 My Story My Therapy  warmfuzzylogic
 Tigerbiter's Story  tbiter
 My Transition Out of Mormonism  Thomas Gessel
 Leaving the church while on my mission  Mr Banana Grabber
 It Started with Science  Dianne Ormond
 Someone Special  fhelsing
 My scarlet letter A for apostate  sakerra
 Catharsis  Eric Young 
 Funeral Potatoes...  wintersfootsteps
 Leaving  awake
 How I've Been There....  beenthere
 You really want to know why? Are you sure?
 I Wanted The Church To Be True...  Jill Out
 Explanation to family and friends  friendlyexmo
 A new testimony of truth  Suspicious Minds
 The Philosophy of Leaving  Ren
 My Escape  DesirexNoel
 Adventures of a BYU dropout  MishMagnet
 Where I needed to be
 Not Without My Dad  castout
 Divorce  Marie889
 embracing the truth  garmac
 A Joke Gift  zonimom
 Goodbye shackles  Ralt
 To the Bottom and Back  Kristi
 My scarlet letter A for apostate  sakerra
 I joined for all the wrong reasons...  countrygirl
 Im Sorry Your Friends were Excommunicated but...  Queenbee
 Born LDS  Mashiara
  Too Many Secrets
 A Question of Motives  mushinja
 Learning to Fly  hmccue
 Blonde by Nature  In-Nuendo
 To Tell or Not to Tell  WilleJo
 ...and im ok with that.  Skylar
 My journey out of Oz  kimmy1475
 A perfect storm  Keep Sweet
 Confused No More  confusedconvert
 Leaving Manipulation Behind
 Faith Crisis Despair Relief  Nogginus Skepticalus
 tokyotemple  tanabata
 WongWay Goes the Right Way  WongWay
 Rear View Mirror  Dahli-mama
 You mean the Temple Prep Class doesnt well prep you  nvbuckarette
 My Screw-up then theirs  slmslc
 Journey Never Ends  Mrs. EFY
 Blind-Folded Fear  bighand
 My Path to Freedom  Drone-no-more
 I Chose to Pursue an Authentic Life  Blue
 A Decade of Hurt  thebrownman
 My Morals are Different  ladydavonia
 Manti anyone think 1980ish  OrdinanceWorker
 Back to where I belong...  Mr. Zip
 Enough Im Leaving  Elmo James
 From Barranquilla Colombia to Highland Utah  Brent
 LDSlibs Story  LDSLib
 Leaving Mormonism and Depression Behind
 Magical Thinking and Why Facts Matter  Drw
 Micahs exit from Mormonism  mikeutah
 Hikers Exit  Hiker Daddy
 Waking Up  razrsharp
 I Am Free!  blonde
 geogdebs exit story  geogdeb
 Never thought I would leave...  tkstrong 
 I Had Enough of the Guilt and Lies  Miss Diana
 Standing Up As Myself  TLFaith
 Happy to be a lesbian  JustThinkin
 MyRelease  monkeymafia
 Thoughts on Rejecting Mormonism  Shona
 The death of my son  Denny B
 Horrific  Horrific
 Difficult Discovery  All-Seeing Ai-yi-yi!
 The very definition of indoctrinated  bdcott
 Finally I am free!!  amandabbfly
 Better Parents than Heavenly Father  Kenny
 My Chains Are Gone  CadillacCTS2009
 My Discovery of The Fraud  MJ1
 My journey out of Oz  kimmy1475
 My Testimony drove me out  jsnrch
 My pestering prayers don't work like Joseph's  MyWife'sHusband
 Confused  miles witt
 One day at a time...  scriptdav
 My LDS Fable  supercb1
 God doesn't answer my prayers  danquixote
 Connecting Dots  Control Zee
 Losing Religion and Finding Peace  Colleen
 I'm out of here  Lyle Jr.
 I'm not losing my Religion... I'm finding the truth  Elohim's Bastard 
 Set free by the truth in a prison library  peckerwood
 Child rape and mothers denial  atpeace
 I tried  TriteMoniker 
 Love Conquers All  misskate28
 blueberry's exit  blueberry
 The Real Reason I Left the Mormon Church  A Three Hour Bore
 A family church that could have destroyed my family  ladyluc27
 What brought me to this place  Draconis
 Intellectually Incompatible: Dogger Dog's Exit from the Mormon Church  
 Dogger Dog 
 Boisean's Exit - as boring as it is...  Boisean
 Trapped by the Mormons  Clancy
 Free at Last!  Robby Sunshine
 still struggling  still struggling
 Moroni's Promise Failed Me but the Internet Didn't  Quantum Id
 Post-Mormon by proxy  jonmuench
 Leaving the LDS Church  MaSt
 From hurt to healing  Rall100
 I Left the Church to Save My Life  Pinklilly
 My Journey Through Mormonism and my escape  flash
 Free At Last's Exit from Mormonism  Free At Last!
 Not quite as elegant  J. Edwards
 pomopedia  eddieguy
 Prisoner for 30 years!  kidsarefirst
 Lying for the Lor..uh..for myself  Lord British
 I am accountable!  Radiance
 One Rainy Afternoon It All Came Apart  Ladyinthehat
 Jared Diamond is my hero. No joke  jknecht
 my final exit  wilson
 My Journey Through and Away from Mormonism  Morgbot Not
 Prop 8 Was the Last Straw  Jeanmarie
 Ignorance is Not Bliss  Left the Cave
 Why we no longer believe. A complete family inc. former bishop and SP depart  Norm Thompson
 Why I left the Church  Porthios
 My Journey Out  Aleut
 Pursuit of Misery  Brittae D'Lynn
 My Journey  writeoff
 Paradox: Shane Jackman's Exit  shanejackman
 My story....  ginger,pastry
 My Apostasy From The LDS Church  Tom
 Losing my faith and finding myself  hartlyn
 Black Sheep  pink_nightmare
 Escaping from the Escape  charitym
 Leaving the Church  Elder Korihor
 Bulgarian Love Story  Vilicho
 Dropping the Bomb  Mak Leto
 A demon haunted mission  Big Lunch
 My Long Road Out  Happy Guy
 How Can I Leave  SunshineHeart
 And the walls came tumbling down  chesslord1979
 Truly Happy  margaritajuanita
 Rhodes family apostasy  Rhodes
 Late Bloomer  armadillo
 2020 vision after leaving  20/20 vision
 The Long Road  PhoenixGate
 Convert leaves church after 3 years  saxgirl
 Struggling to find myself  FreeThinker65
 Leaving LDS  paperclip
 I Valued Honesty More Than the Church Wanted Me To  Heretic
 Do they serve Ice Water where I am going  Hanni49er
 Here Comes the Sun  herecomesthesun
 Left when I reached the age of reason  blacksheep88
 Woody would like to leave the building  Woody
 Looking For Others  Holy Fire
 Blog about leaving and rebuilding  jenmo
 A Different Sky  Celestial Wedgie
 Too Many Contradictions  Bear Hug
 Depression and Deceit  mostlymolly
 The Letter Is Sent  lightrider702
 Escaping the Culture of Guilt  Dovahkiyn
 The Letter Is Sent - Chapter 2  lightrider702
 My Journey In and Out of Mormonism  PJ
 backwardsiris backs out of mormonism
 Mind Control  kinderhooker
 My Story  tapirrider
 Wandering into the truth  WanderingGeek
 From Rebellion to leaving  Toph is the Best!
 Purple Trees  filtered_genius
 I left because of the missionary program  stevem
 NewNameJapheth's conversion and deconversion story  NewNameJapheth
 Surviving On The Inside But Living On The Outside  In_Correct
 Bye Bye Miss American Pile!  Ayon
 My PostMormon Journey  Schmoozy
 Creative Block  formormon
 In Polygamy's Shadow: From a Mormon Childhood to a Life of Choice  Maggie Rayner
 My Exit  Not Mormon