Starting a Post Mormon Chapter FAQ View

 1. Q: Who can start a Post Mormon Chapter or group?

A: Anyone can start a chapter; all it takes is one person willing to connect with others in their area for the purpose of providing moral support, fellowship and socialization directed toward sustaining individuals and families who have left, are considering leaving or are questioning the beliefs of the LDS Church. Chapters are not to be used for promoting a business, a religion (Christian or otherwise), a particular philosophy or anything unrelated to the main purpose of the chapter which is stated above.


2. Q: How do I identify other individuals and families who have left, are considering leaving or are questioning the beliefs of the LDS Church?

A: There are many ways to identify others with similar interests.  This list is organized by degree of anonymity – greater to lesser:

  • Post your interest on this board.  (Must be registered first)
    • Identify your geographic location and express your interest in beginning a new chapter.
      • Register through our website utilizing either your real name or a “handle” to protect/conceal your identity.  Once registered, other registered users are able to respond to you or
      • Provide an email address for response. Email addresses are open to anyone who accesses our site (registered or non-registered users).
  • Free publicity:  (Strictly optional depending on your Chapter)
    • Flyers: Post an organizing flyer at your local post office, community college, Chamber of Commerce or library.  Include a means to contact you via email or phone.  You may include or exclude your name.
    • Submit a brief community notice/ad of an organizing meeting to your local daily, weekly or classified newspaper.  Most newspapers require a contact such as a phone number or email and often, but not always, a name.
      • Example: Post-Mormon Organizing Meeting.  Interested in providing moral support, fellowship and socialization for individuals and families who have left, are considering leaving or are questioning the beliefs of LDS Church. Set a date, time and location or “for more information call 000-0000.
    • Public Service Announcements: Submit a brief community notice to your local radio stations following the print example above.
    • News release: Submit a brief news release – expanding upon the information contained in the example above.  Most newspapers require a contact name and phone number.
  • Paid Advertising
    • Work with your local newspaper or a graphic designer to produce an advertisement to appear in your local daily, weekly or classified newspaper.
    • Work with other area broadcast media to produce an on-air commercial to run on local radio stations.
    • Outdoor bill/board advertising: Please contact the Chapter Manager
3. Q: How and when should I/we establish an “organizing meeting” date, time and location?

A: Once you have identified two or more people with an interest in establishing a Post Mormon Chapter in your geographic location:

  • Set a meeting date, time and location – preferably convenient to all. 
  • This can be a very simple meeting at a restaurant, private home or other location suitable for open and yet private discussion. Keep in mind the reticence or sensitivity that some people may have about revealing their identity.
  • Post the information as noted in question 2 and on the Post Mormon website.

4. Q: After our organizing meeting – what do you suggest? 

A: Much depends upon the size of your group – but here are some basic ideas:

  • Establish a regular meeting schedule – with frequency determined by group consensus – such as weekly, monthly, every other month, etc.
  • Identify a suitable location.
    • A home or restaurant if you are small.
    • A conference or meeting room at your public library, community college,  hotel or restaurant for mid-to-large size groups.
  • Identify a moderator to organize and conduct meetings.
  • Identify a contact person to answer questions, provide information.
  • Establish a meeting template.
    • Length of meeting.
    • Open microphone time.
    • Guest speaker.
    • Social time.
  • Consider establishing other resources such as:
    • Lending library– refer to Post Mormon website for suggested books and tapes.
  • Identify individuals and/or families willing to meet and share support, experiences and information.
  • Establish a means to communicate future meeting and activity dates and times.
    • Chapter blog.
    • Email an/or telephone rosters.

5. Q: What are some ideas to help our chapter succeed?

A: Here are some suggestions from other chapters:

  • Be consistent in time, date and location
  • Assure that those interested receive timely and regular meeting notification
  • Consider the following values:
    • Objective discussion: invite the discourse of ideas and discussion free from judgment.
    • Discourage solicitation and materials that promote other belief systems.
    • Invite positive presentations to support individuals and families in transition.
    • Support evidence based reasoning.
    • Practice tolerance of diverse backgrounds and needs.
    • Endorse camaraderie and mutual support between individuals and families; provide a warm environment for meaningful networking and for the development of friendships.

 6. Q: How do we register as a chapter?

A:  Send an email to “Bear” if the chapter is international or on the west coast, (Washington, Oregon or California) or to "Tapir Whisperer" for the rest of the United States with the following information:

  • Name of chapter – a name that you and your group choose. Look at the list of current chapters on the site for examples of typical naming formats.  Your name must include the words "Post-Mormon" in it.
  • Location – city, state, zip code, country, or equivalent information if your chapter will not be in the United States.
  • Any picture that you believe represents your geographic location – for example a landscape, skyline or landmark. Pictures must be a minimum of 600 pixels wide but 700 pixels minimum is preferred. If you have trouble finding a suitable picture we can find one for you. Look at other chapter's pictures for examples of what is expected.
  • Contact person – A person who will be responsible for the Chapter site.  As a minimum we need a name and an email address.  Other information is helpful but optional.  This information will show up on the web page, so use a pseudonym and a different email address if you are sensitive about being anonymous.
  • Login name of the contact person – This is the log in name that you used when you first registered on Post-Mormon, in many cases this name might be different than your pseudonym or posting name.  This must be exact, ie upper/lower case, etc.