Unfortunately PostMormon.org was hacked, so the website has been temporarily shut down. In its 12 year history this is the first time that it's happened. But its life is far from over! Fortunately the entire website is backed up and can be fully restored, including its entire history of posts and comments, minus the latest week. However, for months I have been making preparations for launching a new mobile friendly site, which now will likely happen before restoration of the backed-up site for technical reasons that are too involved to bore you with here. My intent has been to launch the mobile-friendly site in the fall, but my new target is to launch the discussion forum portion before the end of Jan 2018, and the rest of the new site will happen as soon after that as possible.

Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this might have caused you. We have always done our best to insure that such a thing doesn't happen, but hackers are becoming so skilled that even organizations like Citibank and Sony and many other big companies fall victim to hackers these days.

Best regards,

Jeff Ricks - 12 Feb 2017